America Launches Air Strikes

The Pentagon has announced that the US-led coalition began to air strikes against ISIS targets in the city of Tikrit, Iraq. US Defense Department spokesman Colonel Steve Warren talked to reporters and More »

Ambassador of Conscience Awards

In statements made by the Amnesty about 2015 Ambassador of Conscience Award it is said that award winning artists were source of inspiration for thousands of human rights activists in America, Asia More »

Israel has Rejected Allegations of Espionage in Iran Negotiations

In a report in the United States’ Wall Street Journal gazette it is claimed that Israel spied on nuclear negotiations made in Iran and share the obtained information with US Congress members. More »

World Social Forum begins in Tunisia

Bardon attack could not prevent the organization which will bring tens of thousands of anti-globalization together. More »

Intervention Call to Gulf Countries from Yemen

Yemen Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a call for intervention to Gulf countries in order to stop the Shiite rebels which keep continue towards the south of the country. More »


What Happened to Angry Birds?


It seems that people stopped crashing candies or throwing birds with catapults to hit pigs all day and night in an obsessed way.

Does Windows 10 Will Be Free?


It looks like the US technology giant Microsoft is going to radically change the policy in the field of operating systems which officially announced the highly anticipated new operating system Windows 10 in the last months of last year and introduce in detail in an event which the company organized for Windows 10.

Apple Will Not Ask Password Anymore


New details continue to emerge about the new version of iOS, the iOS 8.3. It is stated that Apple will not ask for a password anymore with a new decision taken by the company.

A New Application From Facebook


Facebook’s most popular application, Messenger naturally associated with our Facebook account and affords the opportunity to talk with people from our Facebook. But Facebook is planning to be a great competitor to other social media platform WhatsApp.

Cancer Risk Reduces When You Do Sports


According to a study published in JAMA Oncology lung cancer and colorectal cancer risks are much lower in men who are in their forties and do sports when they are compared with who do not do any sports.

Usain Bolt is Back!


Bolt beaten all of his rivals in 100 meters and 200 meters since the year of 2008 but he could not be successful due to the injuries he had one by one. The outstanding name in the Bolt’s absence was American sprinter Justin Gatlin.

Stunning Report in Cycling


The doping issue in cycling which brought to international community’s agenda by Lance Armstrong is now under the spotlight of the International Cycling Reform Commission.

Snowboard World Cup Starts


30 male and 15 female athletes will participate in the events which will be made in a ramp with 41 meters in height and 125 meters in length and which will be established in the ITU Stadium in Maslak Campus of Istanbul Technical University.

Many Important Clue Found in the Pilot’s Home


German police searched the Andreas Lubitz’s apartment in Düsseldorf and the home which he lives together with his family in the town of Montabaur who is the deliberately crashed the Germanwings plane.

ISIS Deceived 400 Children


Reuters noted that ISIS deceived more than 400 Syrian children in the last three months and washed their brains to give military training which ISIS calls “Caliphate’s Sons” to children.