It’s not just about not using plastic bags anymore; it’s about making daily decisions that will determine whether or not we succeed or fail as a species. We can do more to slow the pace of climate change by reducing pollution, safeguarding wildlife, protecting natural resources, and so on.

Everyone can create a change, especially if they develop the habit of making environmentally conscious decisions and begin to influence others to do the same thing. There are immediate personal benefits to doing the correct thing for the planet’s future. It can help you tap into your creative side, get you more involved in your society and the community, and even help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Reusing or repurposing consumer goods instead of throwing them away is the best way to reduce waste. The United States is one of the world’s most wasteful nations.

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Although an exhaustive list of actions you can take to protect the environment is not possible, here is a small list of reasonably simple things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, encourage others to take action, and begin a larger-scale shift toward a more environmentally friendly society so that there will be no more climate change impacts that cannot be reversed.

After conducting extensive research on greenhouse gas emissions, 24/7 Tempo compiled a list of ways people can reduce one‘s environmental impact by contacting numerous non-profit organisations and government agencies, such as Green America and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).