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Tips for a Smooth Home Remodeling Project

Counters are an important part of kitchen renovations, and can be upgraded on any budget. Thanks to a wide variety of choices in materials and quality home design services, you can find the perfect countertop upgrades for the most popular room in your house. This guide can help you learn about material selection and the installation of your new counters.

Custom Fit All new countertops must be customized to precisely fit the base over your cabinets, which is accomplished by creating templates that are matched to your kitchen. Walls are not always perfectly square along their entire length, therefore, simple measurements will not be accurate enough to cut a stone slab and form it for your countertop.

When you have chosen the type of counter or specific slab you want to use, your designer’s staff will create a template, cut the slab to an exact fit, and install your new counter. Edges and seams will be carefully joined while the counter is secured to the surface and backsplash as necessary.

Natural Stone Options

Natural stone is currently one of the most popular choices in countertop materials, offering a timeless and elegant beauty. Granite is a leading choice due to its variation in appearance as well as its durability.  Quartz is becoming increasingly well-liked because it is stronger than granite making it ideal for frequently used kitchens.

Marble retains unique and beautiful characteristics that truly set a kitchen apart, while soapstone is a good option for kitchen renovations on tighter budgets. Choosing the perfect natural stone should be a careful process, so set some time aside for visiting your home design supplier and exploring the available slabs.

Kitchen and Home Design carries quartz, granite, marble, and soapstone slabs that would be perfect as your new kitchen countertops.

We did a major combination of two apartments in Midtown.  It was a very big job that took 4 months longer then I expected, and cost a little bit more then planned.   I must say that the end results were very good for the price.   Ronnie and the crew did a fine job, everybody who walks in is extremely complimentary about the…

Tips for a Smooth Home Remodeling Project

Many homeowners are finding that the kitchen and bathrooms are the best places to remodel, because they offer an average of 85 percent return on investment. However, as this video explains, it’s important to remember not to overdo the remodel—instead, simply make beautiful upgrades that increase your home’s appeal.

Communicating with your remodeler is an important part of the process. By establishing a budget and scope, meeting regularly during the design phase, and maintaining communication during implementation, your kitchen or bath remodel will provide you with optimal results.

Also do not forget you will have construction debris to discard once the job is completed. You can find bins in Durham and other cities that you simply rent. Fill all the junk and waste in them, and the waste management company will haul it away for you. This is probably the easiest way to remove all the junk that comes with a remodeling project like that.

20th Century Home Design Trends that Don’t Fit with 21st Century Ideals

While some older kitchens and home spaces can have more than a little charm, the truth is that many previous design trends don’t mesh with today’s upgrades and innovations. When you’re looking to begin your next kitchen or bath renovation, consider the following trend comparisons for modern results:

Flat Neutral Color is an important design element to consider for your kitchen or bath renovation. Neutral colors can be perfectly attractive, but 2012 trends are pointing toward the use of bolder and more saturated colors, especially in the kitchen. For a spa-like atmosphere in the bath, neutrals may be more appropriate, while clean whites and brighter, warmer colors evoke feelings of tranquility.

Formica Counters

Upgrading your countertop to a higher-end material is nothing new, but some of the choicest materials are. Butcher block is regaining popularity as a countertop material, as it is both attractive and functional. Natural stone is another winner, thanks to its timeless beauty.

Builder’s Cabinets

The cabinets that came with your home may have been in vogue at the time of construction, but now they probably need upgrading. Beautiful wood cabinets with stained or painted surfaces are highly popular, as is mixing high-gloss surfaces with muted washes on cabinet doors or shelves.

Cramped Layouts

While feeling cramped was never in style, for many older homes, space was at a premium during construction. That’s why open areas are a very important factor in bath renovation, as spa-like atmospheres are now the norm. The kitchen is also changing, becoming more than just a gathering place or a workspace. Instead, designers are embracing a blend that encourages family to work together during food preparation while enjoying the space they are in.If your kitchen could use a welcome update into the next century, contact a designer, they can help you find the perfect upgrades to make your home a functional and comfortable place to spend time.

For expert home and apartment renovation services in Durham, contact a designer that would love to help you with your attic redesign, additional living space, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, and more.

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